Courses outside of the German centre

To meet the growing demand for courses, courses are held in different places of Germany outside of the centre during the times of high demand (Christmas, Easter). These courses are held in places rented for the course time and are organised by committed old students and regional Vipassana groups.

You can apply for these courses online via the course schedule page, or by clicking onto the appropriate link in the column "application" in the table below. You will be linked to the application form for the course you chose.

If you do not wish to apply online, but would rather send a printed application form by mail, please download the PDF form from the downloads. For the mail address please use the contact address of the course according to the table below. You can also use this address to inquire for further information about the course that you want to apply for.


In addition to the Vipassana Center Dhamma Dvara, there are other course locations organized by the German Vipassana Association, where 10-day courses take place:

  • Hausham
  • Meppen
  • Bad Wurzach
  • Birnbach

Please check the dates in the course schedule for more information . Directions can be found here.

Further courses in German in neighboring countries

Other courses in German language are also held in Austria and in the meditation centres in Belgium and Switzerland.

The course schedules and application forms can be found here:

Course Schedule Austria
Course Schedule Dhamma Pajjota (Belgium)
Course Schedule Dhamma Sumeru (Switzerland)
Course Schedule Dhamma Pallava (Dziadowice in Polen)

The complete European course schedule

The complete European course schedule can be found at

Vipassana Meditation Courses in Europe