Travel information for Dhamma Dvāra

By public transport

If you arrive by train, you can either go to Hof in Bavaria or to Oelsnitz in the Vogtland (not Oelsnitz in the Erzgebirge!).

From Oelsnitz to Triebel there is the possibility to take the city bus line 91 every two hours from Monday to Friday to the station in Triebel called "Warte". On Saturdays, this bus acts as a so-called „Rufbus“  (=call bus)  and must be booked by phone (00493744-19449) no later than one hour before departure (maximum one month in advance).

From Hof ​​there is the so called „Mitteldeutsche Regionalbahn“ to Plauen. From Plauen to Oelsnitz a bus with number 90 goes every hour from Monday to Friday. Further information, as well as the exact departure times of the regional train, can be found in the travel information of the train at

You can find information about the bus lines here. There may be deviations from the regular timetable during the holiday periods. Current details on the bus connections can be found on the Internet at

Service telephone and telephone timetable information: 00493744-19449

The telephone is manned from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Oelsnitz is much closer to Dhamma Dvara than Hof and the center can therefore be reached comparatively cheaply by taxi or even on foot (partly a beautiful forest path). From the „Triebel/Warte“ bus stop, you can reach the center after about 1 km up the hill (see map).

In exceptional cases, especially on Sundays, when there are no more buses going to Triebel, we can pick you up from Hof ​​or preferably from Oelsnitz/Vogtland. In this case, please let us know in advance.


The former direct bus connection from Hof ​​to Triebel (V44) was canceled on April 1, 2019 without replacement.

For course participants, we recommend using the pick-up and delivery service that we have organized, details on this below in the text.

Especially at the beginning of a service period (i.e. right on the first day of the service period) a shared taxi can be organized if necessary (Hof - 4.35 p.m., Oelsnitz - 4.55 p.m.).

ride share

If you are looking for or would like to offer a ride, you can use our ride sharing list on our website.
This option is also available  to look for a ride from Hof or Oelsnitz - especially if you arrive on sunday.

If you will come by car and have one or more seats available, it would be nice if you were aware of the carpool requests - maybe you may take someone from Hof or Oelsnitz

Shuttle service with shard taxis

Shuttle service for courses (chargeable)

On arrival days there is a shuttle service organized by the center for course participants and course assistants. Please send a message if needed.

The meeting point is directly in front of the train stations at the beginning of each course. Departure time from Hof at 4:35 p.m. and from Oelsnitz/Vogtland at 3:10 p.m.

This service is also offered on the day of departure after the course. They are leaving at 8:45 for Hof and Triebel as well. The organization  will be organized at the center on the last day of the course. Advance reservation is not possible. The journey to Hof takes around 25 minutes and to Oelsnitz around 15 minutes. For the children's courses, the shuttles depart at 11 a.m.

On the day of arrival, the shared taxi from Hof costs €10 per person. The shared taxi from Oelsnitz costs €4 per person. If you order your own taxi sooner or later, the single trip will cost €40. All information is without guarantee and was last updated in May 2024.

Shuttle Service for service periods

A shuttle service can also be offered at the beginning of a service period. Departure time from Hof at 4:35 p.m. and from Oelsnitz/Vogtland at 4:55 p.m. The server organizes this himself after consultation with [email protected]

A single trip at a different time costs €20 from Oelsnitz and €40 from Hof.

Please also note the information in your confirmation letter.

Train schedules

For train schedules and prices you may visit If booked well in advance special offers for long distance journeys can be obtained which can make travel on German trains quite cheap. Please try to arrive at the stations of Oelsnitz/Vogtland or Hof from where it will be easiest to arrange onward travel to the centre.

Long distance coaches

For long distance coaches check out Eurolines ( Eurolines runs long-distance buses from many European cities to Nürnberg, Hof, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin and other German cities, often travelling overnight, so onward connections can be made the following morning.


By car

From the north: Take motorway "A9" to the junction “Dreieck Bayrisches Vogtland", then change to "A72" to the direction of "Plauen / Chemnitz". Go on to the junction "Dreieck Hochfranken". There change to "A93" to the direction of Prague. Take the exit "Regnitzlosau" and then keep on driving towards "Oelsnitz" until you reach "Triebel".


From the south: Take motorway "A9" to the junction "Hof / Autobahndreieck Bayerisches Vogtland", then change to "A72" to the direction of "Plauen / Chemnitz". Go on to the junction "Dreieck Hochfranken". There change to "A93" to the direction of "Prague". Take the exit "Regnitzlosau" and then keep on driving towards "Oelsnitz" until you reach "Triebel".


or: If driving north on the "A93" exit at "Regnitzlosau". Then keep on driving towards "Oelsnitz" until you reach “Triebel”.


From the Czech Republic: From Prague drive through Karlsbad and Cheb until you reach the border crossing point "Vojtanov / Schönberg". In Germany drive on via Bad Brambach to Adorf. In Adorf turn left to Triebel.

In Triebel

Follow the main road in the direction to Oelsnitz. Shortly before you reach the end of the village turn left into the steep uphill road (if you come from Oelsnitz turn right into the uphill road shortly after you have entered the village). You will see the centre after about 500 metres to the right on the hill.


By air

Nürnberg (English: Nuremberg) ( is the closest airport to the centre. U2 subway line connects the airport in 12 minutes with Nürnberg central train station. The train ride from Nürnberg central railway station to Hof takes approx 1 hr and 40 min, to Oelsnitz/Vogtland it is approx 1 hour more. Most trains are through trains.


Leipzig/Halle ( is the second closest airport to the centre. The train from Leipzig/Halle airport to Leipzig central railway station takes approx 15 minutes. The train ride from Leipzig central railway station to Oelsnitz/Vogtland takes approx 2 ½ - 3 hrs.


München (Munich) ( airport would be the next closest airport to the centre. Being an international airport almost all major airlines fly to Munich. The train ride from Munich central railway station to Hof takes approx 3 – 3 ½ hrs. There are also some through trains. Trains from Munich to Oelsnitz/Vogtland would take appr. 4 - 4 ½ hrs.


Berlin and its two airports „Tegel“ and „Schönefeld“ ( ) can be reached easily by various budget airlines from all parts of Europe. Airport shuttles and subways connect easily to Berlin’s central railway station, from where Oelsnitz/Vogtland can be reached in approx 3 ¾ - 4 ¾ hrs.


Frankfurt/Main airport ( is served by all international airlines and has a direct train connection. Budget airlines only serve Frankfurt/Hahn, which is not so convenient for reaching the centre, because it is 1-2 hours further away. Trains from Frankfurt/Main airport to Hof take approx 4 ½ – 5 hrs and approx 1 hour more to Oelsnitz/Vogtland.

Prague airport ( ). The train ride from either one of the two Prague railway stations to Oelsnitz/Vogtland or Hof takes approx 5 hrs.


You may also try to find flights to the airports of Dresden ( and Erfurt (, which are also close to the centre. However, flights to and from these small airports are not so frequent and somewhat more expensive. Trains from Dresden or Erfurt to Oelsnitz/Vogtland take approx 2 ½ - 3 hrs.