Development of the German Vipassana Association



The first Vipassana course in Germany takes place in a rented hostel. Between 1985 and 1994 1-2 courses are held annually in rented places.



A hotel is rented in Bad Herrenalb in the Black Forest. Until November 2002 Vipassana courses are held there continuously.



The purchase contract for the complex of buildings on the Wacholderhübel in Triebel is signed.



After two years of reconstruction and renovation the new meditation centre is officially inaugurated in December 2002 with its first 10 day course. S.N. Goenka names the centre Dhamma Dvara (Gate of Dhamma).



The formal application for extension of the centre (from 100 to 150 meditators) is filed.



The local authorities greenlight the extension of Dhamma Dvara.



Construction of building C (Accommodation with 23 single rooms) starts.



Building C is finished, construction of building D (new Dhamma hall) starts.

2015 the first course is offered in the Dhamma hall
2019 house H was completed in December

Development of the participants