Movies for Children and Teenagers

"Time to breathe"

Time to Breathe is a 12 minute film about an Anapana meditation course for schoolchildren at Dhamma Dipa, the Vipassana meditation centre in Herefordshire.In their own words the 8-11 year olds talk about the fun they have at the centre and how they enjoy and benefit from meditation.

Parents and teachers also comment on the evident benefits the children experience both at home and at school.

Narrated by the meditation teacher responsible for the centre, who is also a local schoolteacher, the film offers an informative insight into the running of the course and the theory behind the practice.

Time to Breathe is a cheery introduction to children’s courses suitable for anyone interested in organising a course or sending their own children or pupils to a course. It is also suitable for children aged 8 and upwards.

"Seed of Awareness"

"Seeds of Awareness" is a 12-minute documentary for and about children and teens. The film was made in 2011 at the US meditation center Dhamma Mahāvana.

"The Wild Mind"