Introduction to Anapana-Meditation

Children by nature want to explore and learn new things. Nowadays, because of the media and a living environment that has become hectic and complicated, their senses are often overloaded with numerous impressions. We want to give children the opportunity to bring their attention to themselves within the silence of meditation, and discover their mind with all its hidden ability and latent potentialities.

Anapana-Meditation is a practice of concentration and awareness. It is a prerequisite preliminary exercise for Vipassana-Meditation, that is only offered for adults, but it can also be independently practised. The object of the meditation is the natural breath. The effort is, to become aware of every breath as it enters and leaves the nose again. Experience has shown that children from the age of 8 years master this exercise surprisingly well. And they enjoy it, so that many want to come again.

Back home the children can keep on practising just as it suits them. Time and again it is reported that the benefit also reflects in their behaviour and attitude. Children themselves say, that meditation helps them to concentrate and improve memory. With the meditation they receive a tool which helps them to deal with fear, rage, stress and the pressure of growing up more easily.


In General

Courses for children and teenagers have been part of the regular course schedule at Vipassana-Centres throughout the world for many years. In Dhamma Dvara they take place around three times a year, mostly in spring and autumn. The children come alone or in small groups.

The courses start in the afternoon of the arriving day and end around lunchtime of the departure day, with either one or two full days in between. After arrival the children first of all have time to get to know each other and have some tea and cookies. In the evening there is an introductory talk in which the special prerequisites and rules for staying at the centre and for the course are pointed out. After that, all go together into the meditation hall to get the first instructions for Anapana-Meditation.

The following days begin at 7 o´clock with some morning exercise or gymnastics. The guided 20-30 minutes long meditation sessions are spread over the whole day and leave enough time to play, read, do handicrafts, sports or just to relax. During the joint meditation in the hall, complete silence is kept with no talking. The day ends around


Accommodation and supervision

The children sleep segregated in shared rooms with other children of the same age. Parents who apply to give service during the course, are accommodated separately if not explicitly wished differently. They have different meditation and meal times and work as helpers in the kitchen, house or garden. In general a team of experienced helpers looks after the children.


Costs and application

All courses in this tradition are solely financed on the basis of donation and free, voluntary helpers. There are no course charges.

For better planning and processing applications in time, we would appreciate it if your child could apply at the latest two weeks in advance of the course. course schedule

Aufenthalt der Eltern oder Begleitpersonen im Meditationszentrum Dhamma Dvara

Der Aufenthalt und die Mithilfe im Zentrum ist für alle Eltern und Begleitpersonen möglich, die mindestens einen 10- Tagekurs nach S.N. Goeka abgeschlossen haben. Sie können sich bitte online als Kurshelfer/in anmelden.


If your child arrives by train, please tell us the time of arrival in Oelsnitz/Vogtland or Hof (2 days before the course) so that we can arrange for a taxi service or pick-up by one of our helpers from the meditation centre. The centre is situated around 5 km away from Oelsnitz and 20 km away from Hof.

Here you find further descriptions and details of routes.




Arrival and registration between 3 and 5 pm.

Dinner at 6 pm followed by the start of the course.



The end of the course is after everything is tidied up at about 10 am; Lunch can be taken in the centre, provided there is an accompanying adult present to see to the child. We ask you kindly to make arrangements for a return journey of your child/ren.


Can parents or accompanying persons stay at the meditation centre  Dhamma Dvara? 

Staying and helping voluntarily at the in the center is open to all parents and accompanying adults who completed at least one 10-day course with S.N. Goenka or an assistant teacher. Please apply online for Dhamma Service if you want to help.

What does your child need for the duration of the stay

  • weatherproof clothing
  • two pairs of house shoes
  • bedding sheets
  • towel and washing things

Please don´t put mobiles, computers, CD /mp3 players, books, games or similar things into the luggage.

May all children and all grown ups find peace in themselves and be happy!